frozen flower

We’ve had a couple blog posts on LIFE IS A FREESTYLE in which water is a central focus. No doubt, a quick Google search suggests WATER IS LIFE is a well-known metaphor. Living things literally need water to survive, so we often personify it as life-giving: EVENTS ARE ACTIONS, so it can be that RAIN IS A BLESSING, and the opposite, DROUGHT IS A PUNISHMENT. Too much water, however, can actually be harmful (floods, drowning, mold?). So too much life can be harmful? Maybe it’s a statement on the downsides of immortality… When we say it’s “smooth sailing”, we suggest WAVES ARE OBSTACLES and life is agreeable. Likewise, “rough seas” means life is tough, and the waves have been difficult to navigate. We give water emotions here, for example, “the seas are angry”.

One thing I just realized is that we seem to only accept WATER IS LIFE when it’s in its liquid form. Certainly, when we say LIFE IS A FREESTYLE, it’s not too difficult to incorporate liquid water into that metaphor: “flow” is frequently used to describe one’s lyrical delivery, and liquid water flows. But depending on your latitude on Earth, water spends a significant amount of time as a solid. I live in Wisconsin, and life doesn’t stop when winter starts creeping up in September. So in the context of LIFE IS A FREESTYLE and WATER IS LIFE, what slot does frozen water fill in those mappings?

One role I see is protection: FROZEN WATER IS A SHIELD. Frozen water floats, and in rivers and lakes it can serve to insulate the life below from the harsher conditions above. The same goes for trees, and often gardeners or those with fruit trees will intentionally spray them with water just before temperatures drop so their trees will freeze, locking in heat and protecting everything beneath. 

Frozen water is still, and stillness isn’t an attribute that is usually assigned to a freestyle, but what about pauses? What is going on when you pause in a freestyle? Gathering your thoughts? Reading a room? Adjusting to a change in the beat? That stillness, that pause may offer a temporary respite from external changing conditions, and actually help to preserve the life of your freestyle. Or to link back to a previous post discussing 2 forms of thought, perhaps one of those relates to liquid water, one to frozen water? In this case, frozen water isn’t so much a pause, but more so the “focused mode” which operates on top of the “diffuse mode” flowing below.