Lady Zay

A Freestyled Poem



‘Form Rebellious. Effortlessly Effervescent. Scintillating Techniques, Yielding Liberating Expression.’

What you see above is a free-styled acrostic poem for the word ‘freestyle.’
I will now explain how I think the act & art of Free-styling embodies the words mentioned.

‘Form’ is defined as the shape something takes on or what it manifests as. I love this word because a form isn’t trying to be something; it just is. A form can also change and evolve or remain; and can even and will, appear differently to everyone. When it comes to free-styling, no matter the modality, it will take on a form.

Free-styling is rebellious. To freestyle means to allow the unfoldment to happen, and to be ‘rebellious’ is to resist control or conventionality. To rebel is to liberate. Free-styling is freeing.

Effortlessly effervescent- If you’ve ever watched a good freestyle, whether its an actual rap or a person or thing in its element free-flowing, you get to witness the manifestation of a ‘form’ like mentioned above. Effervescence is a word usually used to describe what happens when a soda or bottle of champagne gets to finally release its gasses…the air finally gets to escape.
I think this is a perfect way to describe freestyle, as humans and other life forms feel the need to ‘express’ or release quite often and it’s amazing to witness how it ultimately manifests.

Scintillating techniques refers to the fact that over time, it is understood that one becomes better at Free-styling. A technique is described as a particular way that a task is carried out, and scintillating refers to something that is exciting, exhilarating, and brilliant. Seeing a Freestyler in their element, whether they are a beginner or even a master, is nothing short of that.

Further, scintillating techniques that ‘yield liberating expression’ refers again to the act and art of Free-styling as this state of being that removes any limits on thoughts or behavior and just allows a person to freely and creatively express themselves the way their soul, body, and mind sees fit.

Here’s to creating spaces that allow us to freestyle more often and even more so, allowing oneself to break free from anything that holds you back from becoming the best freestyler you can be.

-Lady Zay IT